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Today, after a long break, you will receive the most interesting news and information about current developments and new products in power electronics in and from the laboratories of Bose Research.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

Bose Research has expanded its portfolio. In addition to the services you are familiar with, Bose now also is offering a so-called ‘Maintenance for the lifetime’ of your respective product. Whenever your product, developed by Bose, needs an update or redesign, e.g. due to obsolesce of components, the need to modify or upgrade, expand the specification, etc., i.e. engineering on the design, Bose will do this for you for. All you have to do is to agree to a maintenance contract with Bose and your product will be up to date as long as required.

Master Service Agreement

Another interesting service Bose Research is offering: A so called ‘Master Service Agreement’ will be concluded. Based on this single agreement between Bose Research and you as its customer, different types of projects can be handled at the same time, or one after another, you only have to talk about the specification or the tasks to be done – nothing more.

You can choose between three different types of projects:

  1. Short Projects – these are small tasks that need only little time and effort.
  2. T&M Projects (Time & Material Projects) – You need to finish something, for example hardware or documentation, quickly and/or have to get it tested.
  3. Long Projects – The classic development project that provides the whole range of tasks that have to be performed in a development, from the detailed specification, the considerations on topology and technology to the certification of the device.

For every single project regardless of its type, Bose Research emphasizes that each interface within the project flow, interlocks seamlessly between one another, that you as the customer are relieved to a large extend.
No matter which competence you are looking for, technology, topology, design, layout, device safety, EMC, detailed knowledge of components in power electronics or any aspects of mechanics, tests, certifications, etc., Bose Research offers the single source and comprehensive know-how in power electronics for its customers.

Example of a challenging design from the Bose Research Laboratories: 700W DC / DC converter

@ Challenges
…. High Input Current up to 77A 
…. Wide range Input Voltage 10.5…32VDC
…. IP 65 design 

@  Technical Data:
…. Wide input voltage range:    10.5… .32VDC
…. Output power:                           700W
…. Temperature range:                -25 ° C….+ 50 °C, with full power up to 40°C
…. Output voltage:                         50VDC
…. Output current:                         14A
…. Operate in parallel:                   2 units
…. High Efficiency
…. Protection class:                       IP65
…. Galvanic isolation up to 2500 VDC max.
…. PWM can be synchronized with an external clock signal, 0…5V or 12V
…. Remote ON / OFF monitored by an isolated signal, 0…5V or 12V
…. EMC compliant mit EN55011 Class A
…. Dimensions: 185 x 130 mm (w x d)


We hope this newsletter was interesting for you. Please send your request to or give us a call at +49 172 6022280. It will be a pleasure for us to give you support and service on all topics related to your power supply.

Hildegard Stetzler-Ludwig     

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