Online workshop on topics in power electronics

Trade fairs are canceled, trips abroad are difficult, personal contact is important.

We are convinced that it is crucial to invest in the future today. It is important to us to promote the topics of the future and your future projects together with you.

Let us conduct an online workshop in which we talk about your current topic in power electronics, a workshop in which we want to address your personal questions.

All or rather almost all topics are conceivable, such as       

  • Latest developments in the crucial components
  • Pros and cons of the different circuit topologies
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different design strategies
  • Discussion of a circuit diagram
  • Joint troubleshooting, error analysis
  • Discussion of the proposed solutions for an application
  • Discussion and preparation of a specification
  • Questions and advice on standards
  • Questions about EMC, UL, CE, device safety,….

We would be happy to offer you an online workshop that is tailored to your question. Whether it’s just for an hour, a day, or several days.

Our specialists and mentors will be happy to assist you.