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Expansion of capacity

In the new fiscal year, Bose Research greatly expanded capacity both in terms of space and employees.
There is now more space and more places to work available, to work on the growing number of developments, simulations, analysis and tests.

Also, in terms of the number of employees Bose Research has grown. Besides Dr. Supratim Basu, Ms. Debrupa Basu, Mr. Ram Kumar, another senior project manager joined the team, Mr. Avinash Balekundri. He also has got many years of experience in power electronics.

New development engineers were recruited who all first undergo a training at Bose Research in order to be able to reliably and competently fulfill the strict project sequence and their assigned task. It is emphasized that at all intersections in a development process there is a seamless transition between the different stages and that you, as a customer, are fully relieved within your cooperation with Bose Research.

In addition to the competence in technology and topology, safety, EMC, the knowledge of the components of power electronics, the mechanical solutions of a project will be more and more focused on in future.

Test laboratory periods

It is also important for you to know that Bose Research books test periods in accredited laboratories in India in order to be able to quickly deliver results to their customers. There is a permanent cooperation amongst others with UL and TUV.

Scientific work

The scientific work of Dr. Supratim Basu for and in IEEE and at Universities has created further publications. One of the most recent papers is about: “Efficiency and Conducted EMI Evaluation of a Single-Phase Power Factor Correction Boost Converter Using State-of-the-Art SiC MOSFET and SiC Diode”.
Of course, all of this knowledge pours into each of the development projects at Bose Research.


Next, there is to report that Bose Research has expanded its presence in the United States. A new office was opened recently near Seattle.
In Germany, Bose Research signed another agreement for a representative office, next to eepocon, EEP Consulting GmbH, which is Select Power GmbH.


By 2020, Bose Research will once again have a booth at the PCIM in Nuremberg and as usual at Electronica 2020 in Munich. We are looking forward to it!

Inquiries and Service

Send your inquiry to or call us under +49 172 6022280. We will be pleased to assist you with questions regarding Specification, Development, Testing, EMC, Safety or Production of your power supplies.

Hildegard Stetzler-Ludwig

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