Lecture at the Industry Forum of the PCIM Europe in Nuremberg from 05.Juni 2018 – 07.Juni 2018 to: Thursday 07.06.2017, Time: 10:30 – 11:30, Location: Hall 6 Booth 155

Lecture at the Industry Forum of the PCIM Europe in Nuremberg from 05. – 07. June 2018

On the subject:

Strategies for optimizing efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) taking into account time and material effort in the development of power supplies.


It is important when specifying a power supply, to keep an eye on 3 of its major factors right from the beginning. – 1) efficiency, 2) electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and 3) the amount of time and material. – These three factors need to be optimized.

While Practical Power Electronics design has never been something very straightforward, today’s demand for power converters, having high power densities, lowest cost, stringent EMI and safety requirements and high efficiency at both full/light load, makes design even more challenging. These challenges cannot simply be overcome by either using the latest and best available components in the market or by depending on common design thumb-rules/assumptions. Good design practice, an in depth technical knowledge, thermal design, failure modes and reliability, designing for immunity to noise susceptibility, conservative PCB layout, wiring and grounding issues, ability to estimate accurately the safe operating areas of selected components for the given product specifications etc., is the key to success.

The lecture by Dr. Supratim Basu of Bose Research Pv.Ltd. from Bangalore, India at the PCIM in Nuremberg from 05. – 07. June 2018 has exactly this topic.

His presentation aims to showcase through various design examples on how at Bose Research they achieve these objectives of high efficiency, control EMI and lower material cost. A refresh on Power Electronics basics followed by an in-depth treatment of various topics like Thermal design, MOSFET/IGBT switching speed considerations, EMI generation and management, PCB layout, control loop noise susceptibility, ground loops etc. will be included.

The focus of this presentation is to present everything with as many practical engineering examples as possible and thus have a mix of both practice and theoretical explanations with real projects at Bose Research.

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