DESIGN NEWS AC/DC Converter SafetyStandard

Today we send you our DESIGN NEWS about one of the latest development platforms of Bose Research Pv.Ltd.

AC/DC Converter
UL / IEC 62368-1 certified

  • Power600W
  • Output100V…500VDC / 4A – 1.2A
  • EMClevelB with15dB margin from the limits
  • 92%efficiency 
  • Wide rangeinput: 90 – 264VAC
  • Temperaturerange: -20°C – +50°C

Talk to us – send us your specification – without any obligation we will advise you in how we use to give our support in each and every aspect of the development of power conversion systems.

We are glad to then submit our offer to you, with our proposed solution, the development cost and the expected material cost.

Hildegard Stetzler-Ludwig
Dipl-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.

PCIM 2018 Pickings

The PCIM was a congress and a fair with high-class visitors and outperformed the expectations of Bose Research, who participated at the fair for the first time as an exhibitor. The visitors were interested in the developments of Bose Research. Especially the development of 1kW PFC converters with SiC semiconductors and Bose Research’s experience in SiC and GaN semiconductors generated a high interest.

The speeches of Dr. Supratim Basu, CEO of Bose Research, at the exhibitor forum with the topic ‘Latest Development in Power Electronics Design: Si to SiC and GaN Devices in the Design of Converters incl. Safety and EMC’ and ‘Strategies for Increasing Efficiency, Controlling EMI and Reducing Cost in Practical Power Electronics Design’ at the industry forum aroused interest.

We would like to thank everyone for your visit.